1. What kind of handbags do you sell?

We sell replica handbags: handbags that have been duplicated from the original designer bags. Our replica handbags are the very best available on the market as they are not only crafted with extreme care, but are also made from the very same materials as originals. We manufacture each of our replica bags with very special attention to details while our quality controlers make sure only the very best of our true 7 Stars Mirror Image replicas are shipped out to our clients. All the items on our website are manufactured in our factory. Our bags are exact mirror images of the real LV and other designer handbags and include all the correct markings. Our Louis vuitton bags are made with the best available materials such as genuine oxidizing cowhide leather, real brass and YKK zippers. Because we pay very special attention to small details, our bags are as genuine as the original pieces. Each LV bag we sell comes with the LV dust bag and the care booklet.

2. Are your bags authentic?

The products that we sell are 7 Stars Mirror Image Replicas, 99% same as the original ones but are not sold or represented as originals. They are for novelty purpose only. We guarantee that they are 100% brand new. Our replica handbags have all of the proper labeling in all the correct places, lining, locks and key set. The bags come with their dust bags, cards and serial numbers. Our products are the exact copy of the real thing. They look and smell just like the real one too.

3. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa credit card payment online and western union/bank transferring payment.

4. How long does it take, before I can receive my order?

Your replica handbags will be shipped by courrier directly to your door. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with your order confirmation number and upon shipping another email stating your shipment tracking number. This tracking number will allow you to track the progress of your fake designer handbags until they would reach you. Please allow 4 to 7 days for the delivery of your replica handbags. Make sure you enter the right shipping address for your fake handbags. Indeed, we are not responsible for reshipment in the event you provided us an incorrect delivery address.

5. What shipping companies do you work with?

Our 7 Stars Mirror Image Replica bags will be delivered to your door via UPS or EMS EXPRESS COURRIER within 4 to 7 working Days.

6. What shall I do if I do not receive my order within the estimated delivery timeframe?

Would you experience such issue, you will have to notify us by sending us an email message to
shopdreambag@gmail.com . We will immediately investigate the situation for you and take the appropriate actions. Would it be necessary, we will work out on a replacement solution. Since your order has been paid for, we commit to ensure that you will receive the items you ordered by any means.

7. What if the shipment is lost or missing?

Would you experience such problem, a replacement solution will be offered to you. Indeed, we offer our clients an in-house insurance: since you have paid for your order, we commit to ensure you that your order will be delivered to you!

8. What if I receive a defective bag?

We are pretty much unlikely to meet such problems as we only supply fine quality handbags. Moreover, we use dual quality control to avoid shipping sub standard items. Would the defect be related to manufacturing, we will offer you a replacement solution.

9. Do you provide wholesale offers? How many items do I need to order to qualify as a Wholeseller?

At hidreambag.com, we offer our clients retail and wholesale programs. There is NO MINIMUM order. Within 4 items per order, our clients are invoiced on the basis of our retail prices. From 5 to 9 items, our clients are invoiced on the basis of our attractive wholesale 5i prices. From 10 items and above, we offer a super wholesale program \"wholesale 10i\", with rack bottom prices. Mixing models and colors is allowed.

10. Can you ship to an address other than the billing address?

Yes, we can, but only for Western Union payments.

11. Do you provide Drop Shipping for Resellers and Wholesellers?


12. What is your return policy?

Considering we only deal with high quality bags, you can easily reason out that you will barely have any reason to return us your item. If we sent the wrong items,or the items we sent are broken,then we will accept partly refund or resent the items to you.


Would you request a return, most probably due to a defect issue, you would simply need to inform our customer service officer, by emailing to shopdreambag@gmail.com. She will get back to you with a satisfying and effective solution.

13. What about custom taxes and duties? Will I be invoiced any when ordering from you?

In most cases, you will not be invoiced any custom taxes or duties upon shipment delivery. Indeed, we have all orders packed in small carton boxes, with the mention \"gift, no value for customs\". Though, in marginal cases (we recorded 5 cases last year), a shipment can be applied custom taxes and duties. Although we are not liable for those taxes and duties, we always offer our clients discount to their new orders. Each situation is dealt with case by case by our customer service officer.

14. You do not have the bag I am looking for... Can you source it for me?

You name it, we will get it! Unless it does not exist or was never released on our market. Please simply send us a picture of the bag you are looking for to

15. Can I order more than one of each bag?

You can order as many bags as you like! You will simply need to navigate our site and select items of your choice by clicking the Buy Now button to add those items to your online Shopping Cart.

16. I have gone through all your FAQ, and still did not find the answer to my question.

It is pretty easy: just send us an email to shopdreambag@gmail.com and you will have your question answered within 24 hours!

17. How can I make my own sales?

You can host a fashion party at your home, sell our items on your very own website or sell on ebay... Please email us at
shopdreambag@gmail.com and tell us your interest to become a reseller.